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AEM-800TQ Fully automatic hot stamping and die cutting machine with waste stripping


Main parameters

Max paper size:                                                  800 x 620 mm

Min paper size:                                                   340 x 280 mm

Max cutting size:                                                  770 x 600 mm

Die frame inner size:                                               820 x 628 mm

Cutting plate size:                                                 826 x 628 mm

Max bronzing size:                                                780 x 600 mm

Min gripper needle size:                                                   7 mm

Cutting precision:                                                    ≤±0.1 mm

Bronzing precision:                                                 ≤±0.125 mm

Max cutting pressure:                                                     200 T

Max cutting speed:                                                    7000 S/H

Max bronzing speed:                                                   6500 S/H

Foil roll max diameter:                                                 Φ250 mm

Crosswise foil width:                                                15~600 mm

Horizon foil axle:                                                         2 pce

Heating area:                                                            8 pce

Temperature range:                                                 50~199  ℃

Pre-stacking height:                                                   1150 mm

Delivery stack height:                                                1000 mm


Cardboard:                                            0.1~2 mm

Corrugated paper:                                         <4 mm

Main motor power:                                                    11KW

Heating area power:                                                     16 KW

Total power:                                                           43.5KW

Dimension:                              【L (+ pre-stacking )x W(+  platform)x H】

AEM-800TQ:                    5150(+1360)x2200(+1680)x2300 mm

AEM-800TQ Weight:                                                      11T

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